Sustainable Snow Management Project

SIEPPUR - Sustainable Snow Management Project

The SIEPPUR project aims to identify, develop and promote sustainable practices in snow management from production, storage, transport, grooming to handling.

The European Union Erasmus + Funded project will run from December 2022-May 2025.

With climate change impacting access to snow throughout the world, there is an urgency to identify sustainable environmental practices in snow management. By increasing the natural resource efficiency of the involved sport organisations, operational capacity will be improved and a lowering of snow operations’ environmental impact.

The identification of sustainable snow management practices will contribute to enhancing the climate resiliency of snow sports whilst identifying transitional opportunities for all.

Download the SIEPPUR digital flyer here



In the Sámi language (spoken by the Sámi people in parts of northern Finland, Norway, Sweden, and extreme northwestern Russia) there are over two hundred words to describe snow, ice and winter weather!

We chose SIEPPUR. 

Definition: fluffy, deep snow, into which skis sink deeply.